Quick Windshield Repair & Replacement in Underwood-Petersville, AL

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Windshield Repair

Sometimes a full windshield replacement is the only answer. But at Auto Windshield Repair USA, if a chip or crack is six inches or smaller, a quick repair may be all you need.


Windshield Replacement

You need it to be safe. As an industry leader in auto glass replacement, we provides the highest quality windshield replacement services for our customers.


Side Window Replacement

If your car window is broken from road debris or smashed in an accident, call us to repair or replace your window is the most efficient way to get your car or truck window fixed and back on the road quicker.

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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Underwood-Petersville, AL

We help millions of car owners every year with windshield replacement, assisting drivers of most make and models find a new windshield at an affordable price.

Some essential services we provide are:

Mobile Windscreen Replacement in Underwood-Petersville, AL

Windshield Repair in Underwood-Petersville, AL

We offer various windshield repair services in Underwood-Petersville, AL such as chip and crack repair, protection against water leaks, and reinstallation of loose molding. The most commonly requested service that we provide is chip repair. The goal of repairing chips when they are small is to prevent cracking. Cracks can be potentially hazardous.

Immediate chip and crack repair is crucial. Once a chip becomes a crack, it is no longer possible to repair it. The whole windshield must be replaced. Chips left unattended absorb water and other debris. Water absorbed into the chip can then freeze, causing long irreparable cracks. Debris absorbed into the chip can de-laminate the glass and cause the glass to fog, making it opaque and difficult to see through.

Windscreen Repair in Underwood-Petersville, AL

Windshield Replacement in Underwood-Petersville, AL

Replacement of the entire windshield in Underwood-Petersville, AL can be a significant time and financial commitment. We always attempt to repair first before deciding on a replacement. What qualifies as a replacement? Unattended cracks have developed into long cracks, multiple chips, chips in front of cameras or sensors, and damage to the driver side windshield area that obstructs vision.
br>However, all of our windshields are warrantied, and we use only the highest quality materials. After determining that you require windshield replacement, we will discuss the various replacement glass options with you.

Windshield Repair in Underwood-Petersville, AL

Car Window Replacement in Underwood-Petersville, AL

Damage to your vehicle's door, and side windows can be a major inconvenience, exposing you to theft and leaving you vulnerable to the elements. Generally, any damage to this area necessitates a complete replacement of the side window. Our technicians in Underwood-Petersville, AL use a simple step-by-step procedure to get you out of the car and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Professional Auto Glass Repair in Underwood-Petersville, AL

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We’ll fix your glass using the best materials and back your service with our nationwide warranty.

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About Underwood-Petersville, AL

Underwood-Petersville is a census-designated place (CDP) in Lauderdale County, Alabama United States. It is part of the Florence - Muscle Shoals Metropolitan Statistical Area known as \"The Shoals\". As of the 2010 census, the population of the CDP is 3,247.

With 3,051 people, Underwood-Petersville is the 164th most populated city in the state of Alabama out of 586 cities. But watch out, Underwood-Petersville, because Brent with 2,972 people and Moundville with 3,024 people are right behind you. The largest Underwood-Petersville racial/ethnic groups are White (85.1%) followed by Black (7.2%) and Two or More (3.3%). In 2019, the median household income of Underwood-Petersville households was $50,701. Underwood-Petersville households made slightly more than Lakeview households ($50,500), Pleasant Groves households ($50,500), and Rainbow City households ($50,547) . However, 11.4% of Underwood-Petersville families live in poverty. The median age for Underwood-Petersville residents is 39.5 years young.

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Access Road Acton Drive Aetna Street Agnew Way Alabama Avenue Alexander Street
Allen Court Almond Street Alpine Drive Amesbury Court Amlett Road Ana Circle
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Ashley Court Ashwoody Drive Aspen Avenue Athens Street Atlanta Street Aubrey Drive
Audubon Avenue Augusta Street Avalon Avenue Avondale Street Azalea Drive Bailey Springs Road
Bainbridge Road Baker Drive Baker Point Lane Baldwin Street Balentine Road Bama Drive
Bank Street Barbour Street Barker Lane Barnes Street Barnyard Boulevard Bathune Street
Bavard Avenue Bayless Avenue Beale Court Beale Street Beamon Drive Beckman Drive
Beech Street Beechwood Circle Beechwood Court Bellemeade Avenue Belview Road Bengy Road
Benita Drive Benji Road Bennett Road Bennett Way Berry Avenue Berry Circle
Berry Lane Betsy Ross Lane Beverly Avenue Birch Run Birch Terrace Blackberry Trail
Blair Street Blaze Drive Bluff Creek Road Bluffview Shores Circle Bluffview Shores Road Bower Drive
Brabson Road Bradford Street Bradshaw Drive Bramble Court Branch Street Brandenburg Drive
Brannon Court Breckenridge Court Breckenridge Drive Brentwood Court Briarcliff Drive Briarwood Drive
Bridlewood Drive Brink Street Bristol Court Britt Court Britt Street Broadway Boulevard
Broadway Street Brookline Drive Bruin Drive Bryson Boulevard Buckhead Court Buckingham Circle
Buford Street Bullock Drive Burbank Drive Burgess Street Burleson Street Burns Street
Burrell Street Butler Creek Road Butler Drive Button Avenue Byron Drive Caldwell Drive
Calhoun Drive Cambridge Court Cambridge Drive Camellia Drive Camelot Court Camelot Way
Camp Westmoreland Road Campbell Circle Campbell Street Caples Drive Cardinal Lane Carlyle Avenue
Carlyle Street Carolina Street Carter Court Carter Drive Carver Court Carver Homes
Carver Hts Carver Road Cascade Drive Casey Lane Castleton Road Catherine Court
Cathmich Court Cedar Bend Drive Cedar Cove Cedar Ridge Drive Cedar View Drive Cedarcrest Drive
Center Drive Center Point Lane Central Avenue Chandler Drive Chaparral Drive Charing Cross
Charles Place Charlotte Court Cherokee Street Cherry Hill Homes Street Chesapeake Drive Chickasaw Circle
Chickasaw Drive Chilton Avenue Chisholm Road Church Road Cindy Road Circle Drive
Circular Road Clay Hill Road Clayborn Liles Drive Clearwater Drive Cloverdale Road Cloyd Boulevard
Coffee Road Cole Avenue College Terrace Collier Avenue Collinwood Street Colonial Court
Colonial Drive Colorado Avenue Colorado Street Columbus Avenue Commerce Street Congress Street
Conner Street Conway Drive Cooper Drive Cordelia Way Cottonwood Drive Cottonwood Run
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County Road 300 County Road 301 County Road 302 County Road 303 County Road 304 County Road 305
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County Road 318 County Road 319 County Road 32 County Road 320 County Road 321 County Road 322
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County Road 9 County Road 94 Court Street Courtney Avenue Courtwood Court Coves Court
Covington Drive Covington Street Cox Creek Pkwy Creek Point Road Creekside Drive Creekview Circle
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Crestwood Drive Crockett Road Crosscreek Lane Crosshaven Court Crosslin Lane Crossmore Drive
Crunk Road Crystal Springs Drive Cullman Street Cumberland Street Cypress Bend Place Cypress Chase Drive
Cypress Cove Cypress Creek Drive Cypress Drive Cypress Forrest Drive Cypress Mill Court Cypress Mill Road
Dale Street Dalewood Street Danley Street Darby Avenue Darby Drive Darby Lane
Davis Avenue Davis Court Davis Lane Dawson Road Dayton Street Decatur Avenue
Deer Cliff Road Deer Point Lane Deer Trail Lane Delano Drive Dingler Road Dittman Lane
Dixie Avenue Dogwood Drive Dora Drive Doris Lane Dormitory Drive Double Oak Court
Doubletree Lane Douglaston Avenue Dovewood Place Dowdy Drive Dowdy Lane Dowdy Road
Doxie Drive Dr Kennedy Drive Driskell Court Druery Lane Dublin Street Dudley Avenue
Dulin Street Dunbrooke Street Dunolly Lane Duntreath Avenue Duntreath Circle E Alabama Street
E Bailey Springs Drive E Bluff Street E Chisholm Road E Cleveland Avenue E College Street E Cove
E Drive Hicks Boulevard E Duncan Avenue E Hawthorne Street E High Street E Irvine Avenue E Lakeside Drive
E Lee Avenue E Lelia Street E Limestone Street E Mobile Street E Oak Hill Drive E Queensbury Lane
E Rasch Road E Reeder Street E Rose Drive E Spring Court E Spring Street E Talisman Drive
E Tannehill Drive E Tennessee Street E Tombigbee Street E Tuscaloosa Street Eagle Cove Earl Street
Eason Street East Drive Eastwind Cove Eastwood Drive Eauclaire Avenue Edgemont Drive
Elder Street Elm Cove Elm Street Elmwood Drive Elton Darby Road Enterprise Street
Erna Lane Erskine Avenue Estaline Drive Eugenia Street Eunice Avenue Evergreen Avenue
Evergreen Drive Evergreen Park Fairchild Avenue Fairfax Avenue Fairground Road Family Drive
Farmington Drive Fayette Street Fern Cove Finley Drive Flagg Circle Flens Avenue
Florence Boulevard Florida Avenue Flurnoy Avenue Ford Street Forest Hills Drive Forrest Avenue
Forrest Lane Foster Street Foust Drive Fowler Road Fox Fire Drive Fox Run Street
Foxtail Run Foy Avenue Francis Avenue Frazier Road Freada Circle Freada Drive
Friartuck Court Fritts Street Garden Drive Garfield Avenue Garner Road Garner Street
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Glendale Street Glenn Avenue Glenwood Court Goins Road Golden Leaf Court Golden Pond Road
Goode Road Goose Shoals Lane Graceland Drive Grady Liles Road Grandview Avenue Green Drive
Greenbrier Road Greenfield Road Gresham Road Grove Park Court Grove Street Gunwaleford Road
Guston Street Guthrie Drive Hacker Drive Hackett Boulevard Hackett Court Haddock Lane
Hale Drive Haley Avenue Hampton Avenue Handy Homes Hansel Circle Hansel Court
Harding Street Harrington Court Harrington Lane Harris Drive Harris Street Harvest Circle
Harvest Drive Haviland Drive Hawksberry Court Hawksberry Lane Hayes Street Hazelwood Drive
Hazelwood Lane Heather Court Heather Lane Heatherton Road Heathrow Court Heathrow Drive
Heathrow Place Helton Drive Helton Drive Exn Hendricks Road Henry Lane Hensley Court
Henson Drive Hermitage Drive Hickory Avenue Hickory Cove Hickory Drive Hickory Hills Court
Hickory Hills Road Hickory Valley Hidden Valley Road Highbury Drive Highland Avenue Highland Circle
Hightower Place Hightower Road Hike Drive Hill Street Hillcrest Circle Hillcrest Road
Hillsboro Circle Hillside Avenue Hillside Drive Hilltop Court Hines Road Hipp Cove
Hixon Avenue Holiday Court Holiday Drive Holt Avenue Holt Court Horseshoe Bend
Hough Road Houston Street Howell Street Hudson Street Hunters Lane Huntington Way
Huntsville Road Imperial Drive Indian Springs Drive Indiana Avenue Industry Street Ingleside Avenue
Ingram Road Ingram Street Iowa Street Irons Drive Ironside Street Irvine Circle
Isbell Lane Ivy Lane Jackson Avenue Jackson Highway Jackson Road Jacksonburg Road
James Court James Place James Street Jana Lane Janeway Drive Janice Lane
Jefferson Avenue Jefferson Street Jennings Drive Jersey Avenue Jewell Lane Joe Richardson Road
Johnson Drive Johnson Lane Jonah Lane Jones Street Jordan Lane Josh Court
Joycelyn Drive Judson Road Julian Street Kansas Avenue Karen Drive Karley Drive
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Lanett Street Larimore Circle Larimore Street Larry Street Lauderdale Beach Way Lauderdale County 10
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Lauderdale County 122 Lauderdale County 124 Lauderdale County 127 Lauderdale County 128 Lauderdale County 129 Lauderdale County 13
Lauderdale County 131 Lauderdale County 137 Lauderdale County 138 Lauderdale County 139 Lauderdale County 14 Lauderdale County 140
Lauderdale County 141 Lauderdale County 142 Lauderdale County 143 Lauderdale County 148 Lauderdale County 15 Lauderdale County 151
Lauderdale County 152 Lauderdale County 154 Lauderdale County 158 Lauderdale County 16 Lauderdale County 161 Lauderdale County 166
Lauderdale County 172 Lauderdale County 175 Lauderdale County 176 Lauderdale County 178 Lauderdale County 180 Lauderdale County 182
Lauderdale County 183 Lauderdale County 186 Lauderdale County 188 Lauderdale County 189 Lauderdale County 19 Lauderdale County 192
Lauderdale County 2 Lauderdale County 20 Lauderdale County 200 Lauderdale County 202 Lauderdale County 203 Lauderdale County 204
Lauderdale County 205 Lauderdale County 206 Lauderdale County 208 Lauderdale County 211 Lauderdale County 213 Lauderdale County 214
Lauderdale County 215 Lauderdale County 216 Lauderdale County 217 Lauderdale County 218 Lauderdale County 219 Lauderdale County 22
Lauderdale County 221 Lauderdale County 222 Lauderdale County 226 Lauderdale County 228 Lauderdale County 229 Lauderdale County 23
Lauderdale County 230 Lauderdale County 231 Lauderdale County 232 Lauderdale County 233 Lauderdale County 234 Lauderdale County 235
Lauderdale County 238 Lauderdale County 239 Lauderdale County 24 Lauderdale County 242 Lauderdale County 245 Lauderdale County 246
Lauderdale County 247 Lauderdale County 248 Lauderdale County 249 Lauderdale County 250 Lauderdale County 251 Lauderdale County 255
Lauderdale County 257 Lauderdale County 258 Lauderdale County 259 Lauderdale County 260 Lauderdale County 261 Lauderdale County 263
Lauderdale County 264 Lauderdale County 265 Lauderdale County 266 Lauderdale County 269 Lauderdale County 27 Lauderdale County 270
Lauderdale County 271 Lauderdale County 272 Lauderdale County 273 Lauderdale County 274 Lauderdale County 275 Lauderdale County 276
Lauderdale County 277 Lauderdale County 278 Lauderdale County 279 Lauderdale County 281 Lauderdale County 283 Lauderdale County 284
Lauderdale County 286 Lauderdale County 287 Lauderdale County 289 Lauderdale County 291 Lauderdale County 293 Lauderdale County 294
Lauderdale County 295 Lauderdale County 297 Lauderdale County 298 Lauderdale County 299 Lauderdale County 3 Lauderdale County 30
Lauderdale County 300 Lauderdale County 304 Lauderdale County 305 Lauderdale County 308 Lauderdale County 312 Lauderdale County 313
Lauderdale County 314 Lauderdale County 315 Lauderdale County 317 Lauderdale County 318 Lauderdale County 319 Lauderdale County 320
Lauderdale County 321 Lauderdale County 324 Lauderdale County 325 Lauderdale County 329 Lauderdale County 331 Lauderdale County 334
Lauderdale County 335 Lauderdale County 34 Lauderdale County 343 Lauderdale County 344 Lauderdale County 345 Lauderdale County 346
Lauderdale County 347 Lauderdale County 348 Lauderdale County 350 Lauderdale County 351 Lauderdale County 354 Lauderdale County 356
Lauderdale County 358 Lauderdale County 362 Lauderdale County 364 Lauderdale County 368 Lauderdale County 37 Lauderdale County 38
Lauderdale County 4 Lauderdale County 41 Lauderdale County 47 Lauderdale County 5 Lauderdale County 6 Lauderdale County 60
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Lauderdale County 73 Lauderdale County 74 Lauderdale County 8 Lauderdale County 80 Lauderdale County 81 Lauderdale County 85
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Naomi Street Nassau Boulevard Natchez Avenue NE Lakeside Drive Neason Drive Nellie Avenue
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Rasch Road Redbud Drive Redbud Street Reddoch Road Redfield Road Regent Lane
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Rocky Road Rogers Avenue Rogers Lane Rolling Hills Drive Roosevelt Avenue Rose Drive
Roxie Drive Royal Oak Road Rushton Street Russell Street S Auburn Street S Bailey Springs Drive
S Beechwood Drive S Blair Street S Broadway Street S Cedar Street S Cherokee Street S Cherry Street
S Chestnut Street S Conner Street S Connor Alley S Court Street S Cox Creek Pkwy S Crown Street
S Cypress Street S Eclipse Street S Fashion Court S Franklin Street S Fulton Street S Kirkman Street
S Leland Drive S Locust Street S Magnolia Street S Main Street S Marengo Street S Nance Street
S New Castle Drive S Oak Street S Oneal Street S Orleans Street S Patton Street S Pine Street
S Poplar Street S Prairie Street S Richards Street S Rose Court S Royal Avenue S Scott Drive
S Seminary Street S Sequoia Boulevard S Smith Street S Spurr Street S W Lakeside Drive S Walnut Street
S Weakley Street S Wilson Dam Road S Wood Avenue Saddlebrook Farm Road Saint Charles Street Saint Johns Avenue
Saint Paul Avenue Saltzburg Lane Sandlin Drive Sandusky Way Sannoner Avenue Savannah Drive
Savannah Highway Saxton Drive Selma Street Seminole Court Sevier Avenue Seville Street
Seymore Avenue Shade Avenue Shadow Wood Lane Shadowbrook Drive Shane Avenue Sharp Drive
Sharp Road Sharps Mill Road Shelia Street Shelley Lane Shelton Lane Shenandoah Road
Sheraton Lane Sherborne Court Sherrod Avenue Sherrod Court Sherwood Court Shirley Drive
Shoals Boulevard Shoals Creek Road Shoals Paradise Drive Short Court Street Short Street Simmons Lane
Simpson Street Sims Street Sky Harbor Road Sky Park Cove Sky Park Drive Sky Park Road
Skypark Terrace Smith Lane Smith Road Snell Drive Somerled Court Sonya Lane
Sorrento Road Southland Drive Spanish Oak Court Spring Court Spring Cove Creek Spring Cove Road
Springhill Road Springwood Court Springwood Drive St Clair Street St Florian Road St Florian Road E
St Paul Street St Peter Street Stadium Drive Stadium Road Stanley Avenue Stanwood Court
Staples Drive State Route 13 State Route 133 State Route 157 State Route 17 State Route 2
State Route 20 State Street Statom Road Staunton Avenue Stephenson Street Stevenson Pass
Stevenson Road Stewart Avenue Stoddard Drive Stonebridge Road Stoney Creek Drive Stoney Point Drive
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Texas Ridge Road Texas Road Thomas Street Thompson Street Thorne Street Thurman Street
Timberwood Drive Trade Street Trailwood Circle Trailwood Street Travis Street Tree Line Court
Tree Top Pt Treetop Pt Trenton Place Troy Street Tulane Court Tune Avenue
Turner Street Twin Oak Drive Twin Oaks Court Una Drive Underwood Drive Underwood Lane
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Vanderbilt Avenue Vanderbilt Street Veterans Drive Victoria Court Village Oak Court Village Oaks Drive
Vine Street Virginia Avenue Vivian Court Vulcan Avenue Vulcan Street W Alabama Street
W Bailey Springs Drive W Bluff Street W Cleveland Avenue W College Street W Collier Avenue W Cumberland Street
W Drive Hicks Boulevard W Duncan Avenue W Edgewood Drive W End Drive W Hawthorne Street W Irvine Avenue
W Lakeside Drive W Lee Avenue W Lelia Street W Limestone Street W Mall Drive W Mall Road
W Mattielou Street W Mobile Street W Oak Hill Drive W Queensbury Lane W Rasch Road W Sequoia Boulevard
W Seymore Avenue W Spring Street W Tannehill Drive W Tennessee Street W Tombigbee Street W Tuscaloosa Street
W View Lane W Woodland Road Wacouta Street Waldridge Street Walker Avenue Wallace Street
Walnut Cove Road Walnut Grove Circle Walnut Grove Drive Walter Street Warren Avenue Washington Street
Waterloo Road Waters Edge Drive Watson Drive Wayne Street Wear Drive Wedgewood Drive
Welcome Home Road Wellington Street Wesley Circle West Lane Westbury Lane Westchester Court
Westmeade Circle Westmeade Court Westmeade Drive Westminister Street Westmoreland Avenue Westmoreland Road
Westmoreland Street Westwind Cove Wheaton Court Wheaton Drive Wheeler Drive Whispering Hills Drive
Whispering Wind Drive Whisperwood Trail White Oak Lane White Street Whites Lane Whitten Road
Wildwood Park Road Wildwood Plaza Wildwood Trail Wiley Road Wilhite Street Wilkes Lane
Will Duncan Road Will John Avenue William Court Williams Avenue Willingham Road Willow Road
Willow Street Wills Avenue Wilson Avenue Wilson Court Wilson Drive Winborne Drive
Windcrest Drive Windover Road Windsor Street Winfield Way Winona Street Winslow Drive
Winston Street Winwood Lane Womble Street Woodard Avenue Woodbury Court Woodcastle Drive
Woodcrest Drive Woodfield Court Woodland Road Woods Lane Woodstock Drive Woodward Avenue
Wren Circle Wren Court Wright Drive Wyers Drive Young Circle

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